Sit back for a moment and just think. Think about this world; think about all of its complexities and intricacies. Think of the boundless resources available to us. Resources of wealth, knowledge, time. These things are all available for us to use. What are you going to do with them? There are so many things out there to learn and to know. What are you going to master?

We have whole lives stretching before us – lives to do what we want and accomplish whatever we can. Now we don’t know how long it is we are going to be living, but doesn’t it seem reasonable that we should doing the very most we can with whatever time we have? Shouldn’t we be working to accomplish our dreams and our desires – whatever it is that means the most to us in our lives? Shouldn’t we be working on mastery?

Have you ever watched someone who was really good at something – maybe a guitarist who has obviously put a lot of time and effort into his craft – and felt the excitement and energy that their skills bring? Can you imagine how they must feel to be able to do those kinds of things? It has to be a great feeling! They’ve put their blood, sweat, and tears into something that really matters to them.

Think about some of the things that really matter to you. What are some things that you have always wanted to do – wanted to be able to do, and accomplish – and how great would you feel if you could start doing these things? Start pondering about these things. Write out a list of all that you wish to master, both for the short-term and the long-term. Then, after you have found what it is you wish to do with your time, start thinking about how it is that you can come to be a master at these things. And then start working!

If these are things that really excite you and make you happy, then the journey will be a pleasure! Sure it will be difficult at times, but take pride in the fact that you are strong enough to face these difficulties where others would falter, because you have the drive and the motivation to achieve mastery! Because what good is life if you can’t at least become really good at a couple of things, whether they may be traditional talents like singing, and piano, or other skills and abilities such as becoming really good at helping others be happy – because that is a great talent in and of itself.

I challenge you to start thinking about things you have always wanted to do, things that you have always wanted to become really good at, and things you have always wanted to accomplish – and then I challenge you to go out and actually start working towards these things. I promise you that if you really do these things with full intent, you will be a happier and more fulfilled human being, and you will feel a greater joy and sense of accomplishment for your life, and will also be able to help and bring happiness to others in the process.

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  1. Alejandra says:

    I love love love this! I often find great power and inspiration in queots and poems that are brief. Its one thing to say your going to do something, its one thing to dream about doing something, and its an entirely different to actually get up and do it and believe in yourself. This is a keeper. Thanks for sharing!!

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