The worst promise you can break a promise to is yourself. Really, just think about it, because there are few things that can make you feel worse than when you have broken a promise that you made to yourself. It can be the ultimate letdown. So next time you make a promise to yourself, make with it a solid resolve to actually follow through, because nothing can be more degrading than when you fail yourself.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going well, and you just feel down? Odds are, on these days, your biggest frustration is yourself. How could this be? I think that on days when we are feeling the worst, we are usually feeling this way because we know we aren’t living up to our full potential. We know that we could be doing better, and as a result of this, we start to feel down on ourselves. The only way we can solve this is by living up to our full potential – by honoring the promises we have made to ourselves, or creating new ones if it is really time for a change.

So take the time to think about some of the things you are dealing with in your life. You have power over all of them. Maybe you can’t actually affect all of these situations, but at the very least you have power over how you can view and react to these situations. In this life, we can only be moving in one of two directions – forwards or backwards. So let’s start moving in the right direction. There is no such thing as just standing still.

Start moving forward in life and you will start feeling better about yourself. Start honoring the promises you make, whether to those around you or, most importantly, those you have made to yourself. I can guarantee you that if you start doing these things you will start feeling so much better about life as a whole, and things will begin to start working out, because you have made a conscious effort to fix them – to work towards a common goal and purpose.

I hope this helps, and until next time, Adeus!


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  2. Erna says:

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