Does Everything Exist?

What if everything exists, and there really are no boundaries? What if literally anything is possible? I have often wondered, when seeing, reading, or hearing a story, does that story actually exist? Could there actually be some tangible version of that story somewhere out there in the vast expanse of the universe? Because there is this feeling in the back of my head that I can’t quite displace – a feeling that in fact, these stories are real – and anything is possible.

We live in an infinite universe – it has no bounds. Some scientist may think otherwise, but as far as we know, the universe really is boundless. It simply continues on and on forever, never stopping, just like time. So if there is an infinite universe, why couldn’t there be an infinite number of possibilities? I really do believe that anything is possible, and we can discover anything we want if only we look hard enough. Life holds secrets for us that can bring great joys into our lives, if only we are willing to take the time to realize these rewards.

Everything is possible. Is this not an amazing thing to think about? It is a gift we have been given, for all time and opportunity – it is a gift to discover.

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  1. Abel says:

    i agree it always blows my mind but i was tnhkiing and i think tht there was a singularity and the universe expanded out from that point and is stil expanding and eventually will stretch to far and it will implode on itself and start over from the beginning. Also I think the universe has an end but i dont think even if we could go faster than the universe is expanding that you would know when you got there because it would just be black i know this because the adsense of color is black it absorbs light so you would just go into dark and it would seem just like space. Also I believe that the end of the universe would be like a black hole in some ways because when something goes into a black hole you couldnt see it from the outside if you were in the blackhole you can see out so i think the end of the universe would be similar to that.

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