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So it has been a while since I last posted, and I’ll be honest – I have a ton of things I would like to talk about – but this will all have to wait. I’ve been, and still am, way too busy. As you may know (or probably don’t) this is my last week of my college semester, so I have had a lot to do. Not to mention a lot of people to hang out with since I won’t see any of them again for a very long time. So when I get the time, maybe I will write a post on that, and on all of the different things I have been realizing over the past couple of weeks, but for now, I’m just going to write a little on people watching.

Yes – people watching. Sound creepy? Maybe a little bit… Anyways, here I sit getting lunch in between classes, and from my observations there are a variety of people. Short, fat, skinny, tall, attractive, far from it, you name it, they’re all here. It’s hilarious watching some people and seeing how strangely they act. One guy was walking down the hall, stopped in the middle of a big opening, and started turning around in circles. Another one, as I was typing, just slid on his butt down a railway and then walked goofily away. My point is there is a ton of variety here, and a lot of people. All these people walking around that I recognize, have talked to before, and see every day, and this is just a tiny portion of the people in the world.

And what are some of the things I see from all of these people? I see friendship, enemies, opportunities, and options – people to expand my world, and whose world I can hopefully expand in the process as well. All of these people are individuals. They all think and reason on their own, and they all are capable of accomplishing great things if they put their minds to it. All their intricacies and differences have a purpose, and they all have capabilities greater than anyone could have thought possible. They also all have problems and challenges they face, some of which are immediately apparent, and some of which one would have to do some digging to find out. We all have our flaws. And when speaking on these flaws, from watching and seeing all of these people, I wonder what people see when they look at me. Do they see the strange boy, spinning around in circles? Do they see an interesting person sitting at a table? Do they see the same potential I see in myself? More? Less? It is a funny thing to think about – observing the observer.

Anyways, I think a major problem in this world is judgment. I’ll be honest – this is a pretty big problem of mine, but it is a problem that I am working on. I have been proven wrong many times about individuals before, and will doubtlessly be proven wrong many times from now on as well, but I would like to get better at this. So the question is: are you limiting yourself and your world from the views you are holding about the people around you? And if so, do you realize how much you are limiting yourself? I hope you take some time to think about this, because it is worth considering.

I hope all goes well for you, and until next time, Adieu.


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