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Insight from Moving On

Is it sad to have to move on, or is it just a simple fact of life? Going from age to age, we always have to leave things behind; that blanket our parents made us stop carrying around when we … Continue reading

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Moving On

We all have to move on. It is one of the saddest parts of life. So how do we deal with it? The truth is, I’m not quite sure. This life has great experiences, great time of joy, and times … Continue reading

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The Gift of Music

Music is amazing. Really, I can’t think of anything that is capable of better inspiring me as an individual than when I am listening to a beautiful song, a song that has meaning, and that I can find meaning in … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Singer?

Here is a topic I have been thinking on lately, that I probably won’t post too much on later. It has just been on my mind. The topic revolves around a certain question: What makes a good singer? If you … Continue reading

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How the Rich Stay Rich

I’m just going to write a quick post on something very interesting I learned today, that I had never really put much thought into before. Have you ever wondered how it is the rich stay rich? – what it is … Continue reading

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New Shins Album!!!

Alright, here is something that I am truly excited about. The new Shins album, Port of Morrow, just recently came out. Now if you don’t know anything about the Shins, I don’t know what to tell you, other than the … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Technology

Isn’t it amazing to think that you can sit here and type something online, or submit something – some idea, thought, or blurb – and that that idea you just submitted will instantaneously become accessible across the entire face of the … Continue reading

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My Friend’s Blog

Check out my friend’s photography blog, and if you like it, leave comments! —Jackson

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Life as a Gift

Should we view this life as a trial, or a blessing? Sometimes people in this world believe that this life has to be a trial, and they almost get in the mindset that things always have to be hard and … Continue reading

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Forget about Excuses

We all, from time to time, come up with excuses. It really is amazing when you think about it – the number of excuses we are capable of coming up with to help us not have to do the things … Continue reading

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