Abs Challenge

This is going to be an interesting post… For a while I’ve been wanting to get back in to shape. Last week was not fun, eating only liquid foods, and I don’t know whether it was due to the surgery, the diet, or both, but I have not been up to the energy levels that I would like be. So today, while I was lifting with my friend, we decided we are going to have a contest… we are going to see who can get the best abs before the 1st of March. And then, we realized, that we aren’t going to be able to be fair judges of who is better – so we are going to ask a random girl on the street as to which one of us has better abs. It’s going to be a fun time…

So, to help give myself an unfair advantage, I have decided to post all of my results and progress on this blog. It’s not exactly what I would love to be doing – having pictures of myself on the internet for the whole world to see – but I think it will be one of the best motivators I can get, and I will be far more likely to stay on task when I realize that I am going to have to share my progress and results. Every week, by Sunday, I will have taken a picture of my progress, and written an article on how the week went, relating to my health. So here, below, is my before picture. Every weekend I will post a new one, and also talk about what I am doing to get the best results.

Week 1

So there you have it (yes, I was wearing a towel – who gives). Hopefully, the results will be better and better each week, and hopefully I will progress to having an awesome six-pack, oh yeah! But until next time, Adieu!


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